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Was it just a farce?

August 31, 2006 

Well, my friends, it’s official. The giants are back to their old ways… either that, or they just can’t seem to make their Turner Field curse go away.
After lasts night 5-3 fizzle against the mighty Braves, your Giants are 11-37 all time at Turner Field, an absurdly awful 23%, dating back to the glory days of acceptable injections and decent closing pitching. Yet, here the Giants stand, now six games back of the Dodgers in the NL West and now trailing an old familiar foe in the Wild Card: the San Diego Padres.

So now what do we do? It’s amazing how much can change in two games and three days. The Giants were the hottest team in the NL going into the Braves series; now, they are slammed backwards into obscurity. As fans, we have to wonder, Was it just a farce? Another lasso style revival of interest…only to be decimated by errors and inept clutch hitting?

No it wasn’t a farce. The Giants never were that good. Not this year. If they do miraculously pull around another good stretch and sneak in as the most mediocre  NL wild card team in recent history, there will be little hope for them past the first round. Though, you could argue that the old veterans know how to turn it on for the postseason and that every team starts from scratch.

Twenty nine games to go, get us the hell out of Turner Field.


August 31, 2006 - Posted by | Giants, San Francisco Giants

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