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The darkness subsides, Benitez to sit.

The disturbing melancholy and the massive aggravation has ended. Whether or not the Giants make the playoffs isn’t important so much now, as Armando gets the pass for the rest of the season. The Giants placed closer Armando Benitez on the 60-day disabled list, which is reserved for people who, well aren’t coming back soon. In Benitez’s case, not at all this year.

Armando Benitez and trainer Stan Conte (Courtesy:

Trainer Stan Conte says Benitez may be ready to go for training camp next year, though, my assumption is we wont see him in a Giants uniform again.

Armando has had consistent trouble with his arthritic knees, actually keeping him out for the early part of the season. And when he’s been healthy, the fans tolerate him, the players get bagged on by him, and the management tries to soothe him.

It was time to make a  move, and the Giants Front Office did it. Benitez will watch the rest of the season, including playoffs.

Mike Stanton who hasn’t pitched in a week will take over the role of closer and try to continue his hot stretch with the Giants. Any preoccupation about who the go to guy is just suddenly vanished by Armando’s exile. I’m sure that the former closer’s knees are having problems, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they weren’t all that bad. Now, even if the Giants miss the playoffs, they may still have some fingernails left after a tight game.

Armando will blow no more.


September 14, 2006 - Posted by | Baseball, Giants, MLB, San Francisco Giants, Sports

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