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It’s been a while since I’ve made any comments here at The Silver Bullet. Maybe that’s because, in my mind, I had nothing to stress about in the NHL, or maybe it’s because i’ve been overworked and stressed…. Whichever case, as i’m sure no one really cares, i’m back for all the glorious Sharks analysis and occasional blurbs about our other Bay Area Sports Teams.  Let’s start  at the Top.

A discouraging bout with the Dallas Stars tonight. Just sort of scary really. I know teams that have closed-door meetings or player-only meetings generally come out swinging in their next few contests. BUT, it probably doesn’t make things very hard for them when Team Teal skates out a mind-numbing, fumbly, lazy group that cant connect on routine passes through the neutral zone. This is distressing for me, and i’m sure for all Sharks fans alike. You can’t take games off in the playoffs, we learned that two years ago when we underestimated Calgary. Either the Sharks are deciding when and when not to take their A-game out to the ice, or they were hung over, or they had TOO much time off.  Either way, they stunk it up against the Stars and need to now be more observant over their shoulder as the stars creep up the standings.  In any case:

Game Thirty Five: The Stars’ closed door meeting must have lit a fire under Marty Turco, The rest of the team, and the goal posts in San Jose. Marty TurcoAfter a disappointing outing against the best team in the NHL–the ducks– the Stars closed up shop for twenty-five minutes and then beat up on the Sharks of San Jose. For the Sharks, it was a flat night of disappointing passing attempts and two righteous clanks off of the goal posts behind Turco.  The posts cannot be blames, though, and Turco cannot be praised for his twenty-save effort. Most of the Sharks chances came on sloppy shots from the point, with little of the up close and personal stick finesse that characterizes the Boys in Teal. Joe Thornton, who leads the Western Conference in voting for the NHL All Star Game, was virtually invisible and turned over his share of pucks in the nuetral zone.  The Stars out played San Jose and were rewarded with two points, moving them four points behind the Sharks in the Pacific Division Standings. Sharks 0, Stars 3.

Notes:  The Stars moved to 12-2 in the Pacific Division with the win and will face the Sharks again on New Years Eve. The Loss to the Stars snapped a six game assist streak for Teal Center Joe Thornton.

Where are we now: The Sharks are 24-11-0 with 48 points and sit twelve points behind the Anaheim Ducks with two games in hand. The Ducks will return to the Tank on Tuesday, which should be a great game following last week’s contest.  The Stars are 22-12 with 44 points, just four shy of second place.

INSTIGATOR RULE: For a great commentary on the penalty against fight pickers… check out One Fans Perspective… and his post “Rule 56 and Hockey’s Influence

Up next: Calgary, Saturday 7:00pm on Hockey Night in Canada.


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