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NBA-Game 1: Golden State Magic

The Warriors stole one. They beat the best team in the NBA on the road and in the postseason. Somebody pinch me.  Any loyal follower of the Bullet knows that I am not much of a Basketball writer. At this point in my Bay Area Sports experiences, I suppose I haven’t had a reason to.

BUT, the Warriors are in the playoffs and their ahead in the series. A tumultuous third quarter by B-Dizzle aided in the double digit defeat of the Dallas Mavericks. The W’s now have home court advantage and will return to action Wednesday Night. Coach Nelson said that this was a lucky win for his eighth-seeded club, and that every win in an intense situation is good experience for his club. Yet, BaronI don’t think that this is the end of it. The W’s were one of the strongest teams in that last twenty games of the regular season. They earned their playoff bid and could have been a higher seed if there weren’t injuries to the regulars in the starting lineup.   Don’t let Baron’s 33 dissuade you, this is still the best team in the NBA and they will not be embarrassed in the post season.

For now, Golden State should relish the victory and prepare for a much more difficult Maverick club come this mid-week. Though, the strategy between Ancestor Don Nelson and protege Avery Johnson is a compelling storyline through the whole thing.

Favorite Moment: Near tears Dallas Owner Mark Cuban when waddling across the court at the end of Game One.

Best stat: Dirk Novitski: 4 for 16 from the field, with 14 points.  LOVE IT!

Warriors take game one. Warriors 97, Mavs 85. Warriors lead series 1-0. 


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