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Round Two: Not a hard prediction

Okay, So the second round is upon us, and before any of these shenanigans begin, The Bullet will make the ultimate second round predictions.  After the first round, the Silver Bullet sits at 7-1, only dropping the Flames debacle of Detroit. So, with great decisions and perfect confidence, I offer these choices for you:

Eastern Conference 

#1 Buffalo   vs.   #6 New York

This one will be difficult for the Sabres, but I think they will prevail. Jagr and the Rangers will push them to seven, and may come very close to winning. The Sabres just wont lose here though. They are the quicker, faster, better scoring team, and the rejuvenation of the Rangers will end up being the victim.   Sabres win in six.

#2 New Jersey vs. #4 Ottawa

I think the Sens have something here…  There isn’t much to say. Sens upset the Devils.  Senators in Five.

Western Conference

Of course, my forte here in prediction land is the West, seeing these teams at least four times a year.

#1 Red Wings vs. #5 Sharks

I seem to agree with most National writers… I don’t see a way that the Red Wings can match up with the Sharks. The big, tough young team of the Teal will end up with the upper hand in this conference. Yet, the Red Wings will scare these Sharks. They may win one or two games in Detroit, sending a nauseous shiver through Sharks Fans. Either Way, big joe and the boys will figure them out and push them out of the playoffs. My thoughts: Sharks in six.

#2 Ducks vs. #3 Canucks

Here’s a problem I have. The Canucks seemed like a much better team earlier in the playoffs. Now i Just don’t know. And justifiably, I must support the Ducks in this round. It always seemed the Sharks were on a crash course from the start with Anaheim, and it wont be a surprise here. The Ducks will win this easily with Pronger and Giggy standing tall.   Ducks win in Five.


April 24, 2007 - Posted by | danharris, Hockey, NHL, San Jose Sharks, Sharks, Sports, thesilverbullet

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  1. I’m with you on all of these except the Ducks – Canucks series…I really think that the Canucks come out of there (or at least I did until last night!)

    Comment by PredJoe | April 26, 2007 | Reply

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