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MLB: Who are these Giants?

I was prepared to suffer through this one… with the All Star Game and Barry’s Quest. I was prepared to wait another two or three season for the rebuilding era. I was prepared to watch Ray Durham go down with an injury in the first twenty games and for Frandsen to take his spot. I was prepared for our 72-90 club to return to the field and celebrate the moneymaker of the 2007 season in its entirety, drawing every last penny of the hype and publicity.

I wasn’t prepared for this Giants club, though. The scrappy, lucky, and calmy collected veterans that have found a way to win somehow. And we’re not just talking these pull-it-out in the ninth type victories from 2005, no we’re talking about winning games. really winning them. The question remains, though: who are these giants?

These guys have stood up in the face of criticism and scandal and quietly won 10 of their last eleven. Went from worst to first in a week and five days. Benitez isn’t blowing saves. Durham is hitting, Bonds is actually running, and pitching is holding us in there. A shock to as many fans as i have talked to is the actual confidence in this club.  They are having fun and winning games in the process. Eight in a row! Sweep after sweep!

The Giants are on a tear and should open up a gap in the standings early this season, that way they can let all of our vets chill during the grinding part of the summer. Who are these Giants, though?

They’re pretty good and it seems they’re making a move…

Only time will tell if they can hang on to this good fortune.


April 27, 2007 - Posted by | Baseball, danharris, Giants, MLB, San Francisco Giants, Sports, thesilverbullet

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