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Game 3: Hanging on (& another snubbing from the league)

The San Jose Sharks did win on Monday Night. They did take the lead in the #5 vs. #1 Western Conference Semifinal. The did come from behind, and they did stay unbeaten at The Tank this postseason.

They didn’tjt dominate though. And for all intents and purposes, they need to dominate… Letting the Red Wings hang around will be the Sharks demise. The sense of urgency needs to return… and while Joe is skating all over the place hitting and making big plays and being the games first star, where is the rest of the squad? Where is the team that finished with the most wins in the Western Conference?

I’m not a believer. Not yet. And it is hard to watch with such inconsistency. Yes, the Sharks came from behind, but they were dominated all over the place in the First Period. Giving the President runner up Wings a shot at creeping back into a game (Game 2, ahem),  will end up wasting another Teal playoff year.

Game Three showed that the Sharks have the muscle to work down low, but they don’t have the put it away power that would make me believe this is it. Joe Thornton is leading. So Follow the leader boys, or you’ll be giving up two on ones in recreation hockey next week.  One things for sure, the boys at Logitech are going to love it.

Sharks win 2-1. Lead Series 2-1.

In other news: The Sharks were snubbed from all major NHL trophies this season, although I don’t know of any player from the team the deserves an honor. I thought JT might get an outside Hart nod, but apparently San Jose is still in Purgatory in the Hockey World. the Sharks have long been overlooked as talent for the NHL Awards. And what about Ronnie Wilson? The Canuckleheads headman gets the nod, and Wilson (and even Trotz) get booted with the most wins in the Conference?

A cup might make Hockey writers and the NHL see the light.  Too late for this year though


May 1, 2007 - Posted by | danharris, Hockey, NHL, San Jose Sharks, Sharks, Sports, thesilverbullet

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  1. Must be fun to have a couple of teams to report on right now (GS and SJ)! Tough loss last night.

    Comment by PredJoe | May 3, 2007 | Reply

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