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A combination of losses.

It all started with 3:20 left to go in the fourth quarter with the Golden State Warriors up nine points. It looked as if they would close it out and it looked as if they would have some time off before the next series. Then Dirk finally showed up. The MVP candidate is here and unfortunately for the W’s. They didn’t score a point in those last 200 seconds and lost Game Five. The Mavs are creeping and as the best team in the league they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Then yesterday happened. The Sharks blew it. The tank was silenced. They will return to San Jose for sure now, but I doubt it will be a clinching game for the Sharks. Like we’ve seen in previous years, we looked like the better team. (Did we really though?) And we got of to a good start and then they struck us down. It’s unfortunate that the Sharks didn’t close it out, because I believe this game to be the turning point in the series. Saturday will show that Detroit’s veteran leadership, can out-do our strength and speed. I’ve never been an optimist, I just hope Team teal will pleasantly surprise me. Sharks lose Game Four in OT.

Series tied 2-2.


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