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NBA: Game 6: Oh Sweet Victory

The Golden State Warriors are moving on… they have made NBA history. They are the first team in the NBA playoffs seeded eight, to beat a number one in a seven game series.

The W’s were the better team, nearly every game of the series and you could sense in Game 1 that they might pull this off. Was it the dominance of Baron Davis on one leg leading the squad to the rout? Or was it the collegiate Oakland crowd that could taste a few more playoff home games? They aren’t greedy, per se, but they continue to find ways to pack more people into Oracle. (They have set attendance records for home games the past three games.) In any case, the W team that scraped into the playoffs at the last minute is sticking around for more. I don’t care who the opponent will be, but they should be fearful. Fearful of the emotion, and determination of the boys from Oak-town. The Boys who beat the best team in the NBA.

Warriors win series 4-2.


Now, I hate to say that this historical stat is absurd because i’ve seen it all over the tube and the papers… hasn’t there only been seven game series in the first round for five years or so? Honestly, I’m not much of a basketball guru, but i do remember the days of the five game first round.  Consequently, there is no way a one seed can face an eight seed in any other round than the first. So that stat seems like no big deal. Nice Shirt Barkeley.


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