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The end, again

It cannot be said better than:

This is not an unfamiliar feeling… For the past three playoff years we have felt we had a chance… and a very good one. But each year we are dispatched after a series in six games. And each year we fall victim to a trying, desperate loss that seems to turn our team inside out and make them play peewee hockey. Our team is better than that, but nobody knows it. And we’ll have to wait another season to show the rest of the league that the Sharks are a team, and a winner. We’ll just have to wait for now.

After all of this, I must concede Detroit to be the better team. They figured us out and never let up. Game four was that loss, and the OT winner that turn.  The Sharks must wait.

The end of another season sits in the pits of the second round, our inevitable foe for many of the recent playoff years.

To the boys i can say only this, you’re a great team, but only in the regular season, and this infectious playoff curse is killing us.

Until another day… in October.

-silver bullet. (DAN)


May 7, 2007 - Posted by | danharris, Hockey, NHL, San Jose Sharks, Sharks, Sports, thesilverbullet

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  1. Tough loss…you are right though you guys had a great team. I guess you suffer from the same problems we do and that is transferring regular season success to the playoffs. See you in October!

    Comment by PredJoe | May 8, 2007 | Reply

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