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Cal-Hi: A Crazy Matchup

The Santa Clara Bruins, behind skipper John Rahbar are right now preparing for their battle with N. Monterey County Condors, and their ace Melissa Decker.  The game will likely be focused around pitching and defense as the condors will march out their only starter and the Bruins, their consistent tosser in Sophomore Akemi Lagier.

Let’s break down the starting pitchers:

NMCHS’s Melissa Decker tossed over 161 innings this season finishing with 23 CG’s and 161 K’s. This in just 26 appearances during the Condor’s season. Her last game featured a eight inning loss to Seaside, giving up only one earned run, but lost on five condor errors. She seems to be the Condor’s only legitimate hitter as well with team leading three homeruns and five doubles. She also leads the team in strikeouts.

Santa Clara’s Lagier boasts a season ERA of sub three, showing a 2.9 after her last of 23 complete games. Lately, the sophomore’s domination can be seen at the plate as well. In her last outing as starter she hit her only home-run of the year, solidifying her 10-8 victory. She swatted 16 hits throughout the campaign, including two RBI’s against Saratoga just eleven days ago.

The rest of the lineups match fairly well with Bruin’s Laren Maslak and Jennifer Americano lead the offensive charge for Santa Clara, and Meghan Carillo and Miranda Vest leading the RBI charge for North Monterey County.

The matchup between the two pitchers should be the storyline of this CCS early round battle and the winner advancing to a Quarter matchup with Fremont.

Go Bruins! 

I would think this decision lies in the Sophomores hands at this point, with Coach Rahbar guiding the way to the Quarterfinals.

Bruins take this one in the upset.


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