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A summer roundup.

As is the usual case at The Bullet, I take some time off during the summer from writing everyday. BUT, as we return to the regular hockey season and the other professional sports heat up, I am making an early return to discuss some of the major events of the summer. Regular analysis and opinion will resume at the beginning of September when NCAA and NFL Football resume.


BIll Walsh

Bill Walsh

Perhaps the most recognizable Bay Area Sports figure has passed and as a young sports fan, even I can admit his significance in my sports appreciation. His disease had consumed him but he was still talking football and Bay Area sports. My most vivid memory was the tear-filled announcement of retirement after Super Bowl 23– the masterful final drive that sealed the 49ers third championship with just 36 seconds left. His image in Stanford, San Jose State, and San Francisco will be a great coach, with an abrupt and assertive personality that was the genius of his craft.

So Long Bill and thanks for being the force behind so much in this area.

Barry breaks record

Barry’s shot heard round the world on August 7th solidified what we all knew was inevitable. Bud Selig is an idiot who wont give in, and Barry got his epic moment. ESPN says it will be a moment frozen in time (perhaps only a few years if A-Rod continues), and Barry truly is one of the greatest. Whether or not steroids cloud the issues from here on in this moment was his and MLB, choosing not to be a part of it, missed out on a golden moment for their game.

Bud Selig, who has consistently denied Barry the due respect, should be ashamed of his actions and comments during a truly prolific time in professional sports. 

Drew Remenda returns

 Drew decides to return to San Jose, the Sharks, and Sharks Byte with his partner in crime Randy Hahn. What a fabulous move by the Sharks Organization, even if it may cost a pretty penny. Drew brings a realistic sense to telecasts that attracts the non-hardcore hockey fan. Remenda has already earned many accolades for his performance on the Magazine show “Shark Byte”. His personality and chemistry with Hahn make this duo one of the best in sports. Welcome Back Drew! 

Joe Thornton Extension

The Sharks didn’t miss when they locked up the monster Thornton until 2011. This extension, though, seems to be in place of some other off season improvement acquisition. More so, Doug Wilson seems to be content with his roster. One Problem: this roster hasn’t been able to get there before, what makes him think it will get there now? Losing Toskala and Bell, and Hannan is a bit of a loss, but we have done nothing to replace them, except the 9th overall pick Logan C.

So what do we want, then? Make a move, Doug. JT was only the beginning. Ducks look to repeat and have made all of the moves to solidify their aspiration.


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  1. I do agree Anaheim certainly went out and did what they had to do to defend the Cup. If Edmonton had not paid excessively for Dustin Penner, they’d still have him as well. Will be intersting to see what the Niedermayers and Selanne do. If any or all come back for one more season, they should be repeating in ’08. The Sharks certainly did stand pat, didn’t they?

    Comment by Sportsattitude | August 8, 2007 | Reply

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