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Baron Davis: PG or PR?

Baron Davis is the best in every NBA point guard rolled up in one. He is quick and graceful like Steve Nash, gets the most out of his teammates like Jason Kidd, and can take over a game during crunch-time like A.I. Davis’ size and speed make him a mismatch for teams on both offense and defense. But there is still one thing Davis is missing, his multi-year/multi-million dollar contract extension.


But has Davis earned that extension???


He helped end the organization’s 12-year playoff drought and has been the catalyst for many of the Warriors’ recent trade acquisitions including problematic Steven Jackson. He is one reason the Warriors traded away star-guard and fan favorite Jason Richardson to Charlotte during the off-season and was the center-piece to one of the biggest upsets in NBA history as he guided Golden State over the #1 ranked Dallas Mavericks last post-season.


So why hasn’t he gotten his contract???


Due to injury, Davis has missed nearly a third of the games scheduled since becoming a Warrior. If injured under contact, the Warriors will still be obligated to pay Davis under current NBA contract rules. Despite having an apparently good relationship with Head Coach Don Nelson, Davis was rumored to be one of the keys in the firing of Former Head Coach Mike Montgomery two seasons ago. After giving more money to Nelson over the off-season, the Warriors still have Matt Barnes and Mickael “Air French” Pietrus to re-sign in the upcoming year. (Barnes is a fan and Nelly favorite, and when drafted, Pietrus was dubbed the next Jason Richardson!) Plus, waiting in the wings is a very skilled and very young point guard on the Warrior bench named Monte Ellis. If you haven’t heard of him yet…you will!  

Last week in an interview with the Boston Globe, Davis said he would test the free-agent market after this season if a new contract wasn’t agreed apon by October 1st. That date has come and gone. When asked about whether he would still test free-agency after the ’07 season Davis did a “180” saying he was happy with the two years left on his current contract and the overall direction the organization was taking.


As a fan I’m screaming YES! YES! YES! But part of me is still scratching my head. Why change your mind so quickly?


Is this for the fans?

Is it because he menas it?

Is it because he doesn’t want to hurt his chances of getting that big contract with the Warriors?


I hope it is all of the above. It would show a maturity I know fans and the organization want to see out of their super-star, and a side of Baron that his teammates can follow onto the hard-wood. But is it just a Public Relations Move? The upcoming season will tell. 




October 2, 2007 - Posted by | Basketball, Golden State Warriors, NBA, shawncamilleri, Sports, Warriors


  1. Davis is one of my favorite point guards and is very underrated in my opinion. I hope he can stay healthy this season. I’ve heard he’s in great shape. I think the warriors are going to do great things this year. Too bad they had to get rid of J-Rich. I go to school in the bay area so I’m definitely going to try to attend some games this season. Like your blog.

    Comment by Marquis Chapman | October 3, 2007 | Reply

  2. Baron’s the reason why Warriors are back on the map! He got gypped on not making the All-Stars last year and proved that he could play. They better keep him unless we’re able to get both Chauncey and Rasheed but that is highly unlikely!

    Comment by bayareasportsguru | June 26, 2008 | Reply

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