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Wounded Warrior

The Warriors are no stranger to the injury bug, but this last one is leaving me a little sore.

Monta Ellis laid on the court floor at BYU-Hawaii’s gymnasium Friday night, reportedly motionless and for over a half-hour after hitting his head on teammate Brandan Wright’s hip while playing a scrimmage game. The first report I saw had a headline with the phrase “serious injury” included in it. A recent report revealed that the injury was only a neck sprain and Ellis walked out of the hospital on his own accord. But I have to admit that one of my reactions to this news was “who would the Warriors pick up if Ellis is out?”

Now I can’t tell you who would be available for acquisition or even how interested the organization would be in any individual player, so I won’t. But I can tell you this, the Warriors might as well have lost Baron Davis. Now don’t get all riled up, Baron would be a bigger loss but hear me out.

If you loss Ellis who is going to give Davis a break on the floor, Marco Belinelli? Head Coach Don Nelson has already said that he wants to cut back the amount of minutes he plays Baron this season to about 28 min. a game, to keep the super-star as healthy as possible over the course of the season and hopefully into the playoffs (Davis averaged 35 min. per game last season and 40 in the playoffs). Ellis not only proved he could aid in that relief, but he could excel at it.

Last season, due to leg injury caused form wear and tear, “BD” was out for a span of games in the later part of the year. Although Ellis came straight from high school to the NBA, the 21-year-old showed a poise and maturity not shown from many players his age while filling in for Davis.. The ’06-’07 NBA’s Most Improved Player showed he could score in bunches, had the ability to lead a team (at least on the court), and even scored some game clinching shots. Some Bay Area sport personalities even questioned if the organization should look into the value of trading Davis because they thought that Monta could be the next star-guard for the Warriors.

Now I’m very high on Ellis, but trading Davis after Monta has a few good games in his absence, give me a break! One or two more season’s backing-up Davis could be a monumental opportunity for the youngster’s progression.

 Now imagine that Davis gets hurt or sidelined for any reason (“knock on wood”) in the upcoming season. If you are high on Ellis like I am then you get some satisfaction that their is a good young player waiting in the wings. Of course he is no Davis, but he showed already he can win with the Warriors. But now who gives Monta a break if Davis is out, Marco Belinelli?

For all the interchangeable players the Warriors have as far as playing different positions, running the point is one area the Warriors are a bit thin. We need Ellis almost as much as we need Davis.



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