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WAC Bowl Predictions: Could there be 5?

Alright, after two losses in a row, now we really need to be weary of the postseason for SJSU. Let’s look at the WAC and what we can expect

So, the Spartans are bowl eligible this year, but there is no guarentee they will make their second appearance in three years.

First off, Let’s look at the WAC Standings:

Team            Conf. W-L    Overall W-L
Boise St.              6-0        10-0
Louisiana Tech    4-2        6-4
Nevada                4-2        6-4
San Jose St.          4-3        6-5
Hawaii                 4-3        5-5
Fresno St.            3-3        6-4
Utah St.               2-5        2-9
New Mexico St.   1-5        3-7
Idaho                  1-6        2-9

Now the WAC is guarenteed three bowl appearances: The Humanitarian, Hawaii, and New Mexico Bowl. At this point the WAC could have as many as 6 bowl eligible teams.. With a Maxium out put of 5 bowl berths.

Let’s Look at my predicted Standings for the end of the season

Team            Conf. W-L    Overall W-L
Boise St.            8-0           12-0
Nevada              5-3            7-5
Louisiana Tech  5-3            7-5
San Jose St.        5-3           7-5
Hawaii               5-3            7-6
Fresno St.          3-5            6-6
Utah St.              3-5           3-9
New Mexico St.  1-7           3-9
Idaho                 1-7           2-10

With this finish for the WAC conference, two scenarios are possible, First, if Utah goes undefeated you would see this:

Humanitarian: Boise State
Hawaii: Nevada
New Mexico: La Tech

If the Pac-10 only has 6 bowl-eligible teams (which is likely), San Jose State would go to the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego.

Second, If Utah loses to BYU and Boise State makes the BCS, Everybody would shift up one, and Hawaii would go to it’s bowl:

BCS: Boise St.
Humanitarian: Nevada
Hawaii: Hawaii
New Mexico: Louisiana Tech
Poinsettia: San Jose St.


BUT, There are big Games to come The Louisiana Tech matchup with Nevada will decide where those two teams go, and Fresno State vs. San Jose State will probably decide which of those teams goes to the Postseason at all.

Previewing the Fresno State/SJSU Game: It will be a tough test for the Spartans who have had two poor showings in a row, BUT a nationally televised game versus their arch rival at Spartan Stadium screams of WIN. My projected Standings reflect San Jose State Beating Fresno, Nevada beating Louisiana Tech, and Boise beating Nevada and Fresno State.

There are so many other possibilities if those things don’t happen.



November 16, 2008 - Posted by | Sports

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