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San Jose Sharks: 69, 67 Points

It’s no secret, The San Jose Sharks have been on a tear this year. Really, it’s been a record setting pace. Not only for the Franchise, but their place in the standings of greatest NHL teams of all time.

While normally, I would break down all the players and their efforts with the team so far this season. This year, I’ve decided to dedicate The Silver Bullet to the countdown to history.

As the season ticks on, I will count down with Sharks fans to two major things.

First, the quest for the best record in NHL history held by the 1976-1977 Montreal Canadiens, who finished the year with a 60-8-12 record and 132 points. In order to achieve this feat,  team teal would need to win  just 35 of their remaining 44 games or amass some semblance of 69 points.

This countdown is solely in the Sharks’ hands and cannot be affected by the way other teams play when not against San Jose. So the Countdown begins at 69.

The Second thing we will follow does depend on the play of other teams. San Jose is definitely ahead of the pack in the Pacific Division. In fact, they hold a  20-point lead over anyone else in their division, still the Magic Number for the Pacific division crown is 67 for San Jose.

In this instance, it will be different for every team. The Magic number will be different for The Ducks and The Coyotes and The Stars, depending on who’s in Second at that point.

So we’ll count that down as well, in an attempt to bring some excitement to the next 44 games of Sharks Hockey.

Lastly, We’ll keep an eye on the presidents trophy and how the Sharks stack against the top teams in the East as well as the Detroit Red Wings who seem to always be in the mix for the NHL’s best record.

So as we near the Halfway point, the Silver Bullet will resume it’s obsession with Sharks Hockey and what should be a triumphant march towards NHL History.


January 4, 2009 - Posted by | danharris, Hockey, NHL, San Jose Sharks, Sharks, thesilverbullet

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