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San Jose Sharks: Magic Number and Beyond


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San Jose Sharks: All Star Game

While I would love to rant on how many Sharks got snubbed in this year’s NHL Western Conference All Star Selections, I just can’t seem to feel that bad about it.

The NHL All star game has long been an offensive display with little meaning to fans and players. The NHL Board could make this more interesting… or make the Winter Classic the All Star Game to give it more appeal.

Nevertheless, the Sharks will be represented, by two and half people. Dan Boyle was selected as a player for the Western Conference, but much of his influence comes from nostalgic fans back on the East Coast. There’s no denying Danny’s influence on the Sharks in the first forty, but he probably didn’t get the nod from Sharks fans, more likely from others around the league.

And there no doubt that Joe Thornton should be headed to Montreal. Jumbo has just been stellar the last few years as a Shark, and his influence on the ice is seen night in and night out.

A surprising twist to the NHL All star debacle is the debut as Sharks Head Coach Todd McLellan as Western Conference Head Coach. Ironically, He will be assisted by his former boss in Detroit Mike Babcock. San Jose’s Bench Boss deserves the honor, I assume bringing the leagues best record to the table, but it is surprising for a guy that walked into a great situation and has reaped the benefits of Doug Wilson’s carefully crafted roster, for only half a year.

And finally, some recognition for a Sharks youngster. Devin Setoguchi was called upon to play in the NHL All Star Youngstar’s game. A great Honor for the 22-year old, who highly deserves a national nod for his play this season.

Major Sharks Snubs include Captain Patrick Marleau. Talk about a comeback year. Patty has really returned to the fray as a dominant force in the Western Conference, and his resurgence was dissed by the National audience. In My opinion, His play has raised the level of the club more than the consistant cominance of Jumbo.

And Evgeni Nabokov: How the heck can you not pull in the runner up for the Vezina Trophy? The man was THE BEST goalie in the league last year and got snubbed for the trophy, and now snubbed for the All Star Game. Sure, he isn’t having the quite the same season as last year, but at least make him the third goalie for the recognition he so rightly deserves.


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San Jose Sharks: Magic Number Countdown (61, 67)

Finally, some movement here for San Jose.

Pacific Division: 61 pts

With Anaheim losing back to back games this week… First to Los Angeles Thursday Night and then to Tampa Bay Friday Night, the Ducks falter in their pursuit of catching San Jose.

Those losses coupled with the San Jose win in Edmonton last night put the Sharks Magic Number at 61 points for the Pacific Division Crown. The Sharks currently have 65 points to Anaheim’s 47. San Jose currently holds 3 games in hand.

Technically, Dallas, Phoenix, and Anaheim all have the same points potential

NHL History: 67 points.

The Sharks recent struggles on the road have hurt their chances at securing the NHL record for Team Points in a season (132). The Sharks have 42 games remaining and would have to win 34 of them to get that marks.
However, The Sharks are currently projected to finish the season 133 points if the continue on their current pace.

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