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2010 Winter Olympic TV Schedule (Bay Area by sport)

With the excitement of the Olympics, comes the confusion of how we are to watch them here on the west coast. The Olympic planners have once again catered to the needs of the East Coast, even though the games are being played on the West. Live events that are played a 5 PM local time, will be played in tape delay at 8PM. The east coast gets it LIVE.

Either way, I always have trouble trying to decipher the TV schedule, so I spend some time sifting through it, to find when the really important stuff is on. As with the 2008 Summer Olympics, things will change as we go along, so I will try to keep it updated.

Mostly, I will focus on USA team sports (with Canada included for Hockey) with some highlighted individual events. Some networks will actually air items live and I will try to designate those here as well. Hopefully, this helps your Olympic games watching experience.

So this is for all of us on the Left Coast! To get this schedule by Day… CLICK HERE

Networks: NBC11, USA, CNBC, MSNBC  (All Times Pacific; TD = Tape Delay)



Tues 2/16         vs. Switzerland 12:00pm   TV: USA (LIVE)

Thurs 2/18        vs. Norway 12:00pm   TV: USA (LIVE)

Sun 2/21          vs. Canada   4:45pm     TV:  MSNBC (LIVE)

Canada Men

Tues 2/16         vs. Norway 4:30pm TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Thurs 2/18       vs. Switzerland 4:30pm   TV:  CNBC (LIVE)

Sun 2/21          vs. USA  4:45   TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Elimination Round

Tues 2/23         USA vs.  TBA, if needed   12:00pm   TV: USA (LIVE)

Canada vs. TBA, if needed   4:30pm    TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Quarterfinals (if teams qualify)

Wed 2/24         USA vs. TBA 12:00pm   TV: NBC (TD, will air at 3:00pm)

Canada vs. TBA  4:30pm    TV: CNBC (LIVE)


Fri 2/26            USA vs. TBA 12:00pm   TV: NBC (TD, will air at 3:00pm)

Canada vs. TBA  6:30    TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Medal Round

Sat 2/27           Bronze Medal   Game 7:00pm   TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Sun 2/28          Gold Medal Game 12:15pm       TV: NBC (TD, airs at 3:15; there is no reason to believe they will change this to LIVE)

USA Women

Sun 2/14          vs. China  12:00pm       TV: USA (LIVE) (replay at midnight MSNBC)

Tues 2/16         vs Russia  2:30pm    TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Thurs 2/18       vs. Finland 2:30pm   TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Medal Round

Mon 2/22         Women’s Semifinal 12:00pm    TV: USA(LIVE)

Women’s Semifinal  5:00pm   TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Thurs 2/25        Women’s Bronze 11am    TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Women’s Gold  3:30pm   TV:  MSNBC (LIVE)

Team USA Curling:

Tues. 2/16:      Men vs Germany  9:00am    TV: USA (LIVE)

Women vs. Japan 2:00pm     TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Men vs Norway 7:00 pm    TV: CNBC; 7:00pm-2:00pm (TD)

Wed. 2/17:       Women vs. Germany 9:00am  TV: USA (LIVE)

Men vs. Switzerland  2:00pm  TV CNBC (LIVE)

Thurs. 2/18:     Men vs. Denmark    9:00am    TV: USA (LIVE)

Women vs. Denmark   2:00pm   TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Fri. 2/19           Women vs. Russia  9:00am   TV: USA (LIVE)

Men vs. France 2:00pm    TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Sat 2/20           Men vs. Sweden  9:00am    TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Women vs Great Britain 2:00pm    TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Sun 2/21          Women vs. Canada 9:00am    TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Men vs. Great Britain 2:00pm   TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Women vs. Sweden 7:00pm    TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Mon. 2/22        Men vs Canada 9:00am  TV: USA (LIVE)

Men vs. China   7:00pm   TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Tue 2/23          Women vs. China   9:00am   TV: USA (LIVE)

Women vs. Switzerland 7:00 pm   TV: MSNBC (LIVE)


Thurs 2/25        Women’s Semifinals 9:00am TV: USA (LIVE)

Men’s Semifinals 2:00pm   TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Fri 2/26            Women’s Bronze  9:00am   TV: USA (LIVE)

Women’s Gold   3:00pm TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Sat 2/27           Men’s Bronze  9:00 am   TV: USA (LIVE)

Men’s Gold    3:00pm     TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Figure Skating: (not one live event for the west coast here.)

Sun 2/14          Pairs—Short Program 4:30pm  TV: NBC (TD, actual air 7:30pm)

Mon 2/15         Pairs—Free Skate and Medals 5:00pm     TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Tues 2/16         Men—Short Program 4:15pm    TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Thurs 2/18       Men—Free Skate and Medals 5:00pm   TV NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Friday 2/19      Ice Dance Session 1 4:45pm   TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Sunday 2/21     Ice Dance Session 2  4:15pm   TV: NBC (TD, airs 7:15 pm)

Monday 2/22   Ice Dance Ses 3 and Medals 4:45pm   TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Tues 2/23        Women—Short Program  4:30   TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Thurs 2/25        Women—Free Skate and Medals 5:00pm  TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Sat 2/27           Exhibition Gala    4:30pm   TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Most of the other events you can find on NBC throughout the day, but remember anything on NBC is likely three hours after the event occurred.




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