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Round Up: Sharks and Spartans, Oh My!

Well, after more hiatus from the bullet, I can think of no better time to return to the site than just one week before the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The countdown continues for San Jose as they handle the last few games of the regular campaign, They currently sit 6 points ahead of Detroit, but need just 5 points to clinch the top spot in the Western conference.

Interestingly, San Jose has rebounded from the February faltering that saw them have two dismal road trips and a tumultuous March that featured Team teal losing five of six and four in a row for the first time all year. Team teal is beat up and tired. I can’t remember the last game there wasn’t a laundry list of injuries.

San Jose has survived, though, and should enter the Western Conference playoff bracket with home ice advantage and the top dogs back in the lineup.

Whether or not they do clinch the presidents trophy remains to be seen, Boston has really come on of late, even though they seemed out of the race two weeks ago. JT’s former club has won six in a row heading into their final four games.

The matchup for the first round will likely not be set until the final day of the season, with as many as six teams possibly being paired with the Sharks. I know it never matters who you play when you get to the playoffs because it’s always a battle, but I would prefer not to face Anaheim or Edmonton in the first round.

I’m not sure why, but just a hunch or a bad feeling I guess.

In other news, The San Jose State Spartan Baseball has started off their season on the right foot. SJSU has rattled off a 20-7 record and are hanging with one of the toughest opponents in the WAC, #24 Hawaii.

The Spartans were actually ranked for part of the season and lost that accolade when they dropped two games to powerful Cal Poly. But the Spartans have a lot to live for this season. They’ve jumped out to a good start they may be looking at trying to crack the 64-team college world series tournament for the first time since the year 2000.

San Jose State will have some tough tasks along the way. They will play New Mexico State on the road, the Aggie have only dropped 4 games all year, but haven’t really played anybody. And they will have to look at defending national champion Fresno State.

But it’s a nice change for the university who has little to be excited about athletically this year. Hopefully, San Jose State can crack the tournament and give alumni something to build on in support of the athletic department.


San Jose State’s football Schedule has been released, and the Spartans could put themselves in an 0-3 hole to start the year. The first three games: at USC, vs Utah, and at Stanford.

San Jose State’s girls water polo team is ranked #6 in the nation. I guess the athletic does have something to get excited about.



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Why Warriors Will Miss Baron Davis & Monta Ellis Displays Immaturity

If you look at the Warriors’ roster it is easy to see that they have plenty of players who can score with the basketball, but who will score with the team???

Obviously the biggest news from the Warriors’ camp this off-season was the loss of star guard and team captain Baron Davis. Davis can do everything on the court: he can shoot, he can dribble, he can pass, and he can LEAD!!!

Andris Biedrins, who just finished a six-year, $63 million deal, is great in the inside-out game, Stephen Jackson can shoot the deep ball and make some spectacular passes in traffic, Monta Ellis score in bunches and is great at the fast break, and the Warriors signed former Los Angeles Clippers star Corey Maggette who averaged 22.1 points per game last season which is higher than what Ellis averaged(20.2). But can any of these guys take the reign as captain and lead the Warriors this season?

google images

google images

Maggette will be a scoring threat every single night but has never really showed any leadership qualities in his seven seasons with the Clippers.

Dispite his nickname of “Captain Jack,” Stephen Jackson is anything but a team leader. Jackson has been well behaved during his tenure with Golden State, but you can attribute much of that to the presence of Davis. Davis is a friend of Jackson and was one of the biggest proponents in bringing the plagued past star to the Warriors. Jackson is only a few seasons removed from one of the ugliest moments in NBA history where he was involved in a fist fight, WITH FANS, in Detroit in 2004 as a member of the Pacers.

Even though fans love Biedrins and his silky-smooth low-post moves, the Warrior big man has shown himself to be too mellow of a man to light a fire under himself, let alone a whole team, he has always had Davis to do it for him. 

So what about Monta Ellis?

Last season Ellis was the rising star of not only the Warriors, but the entire NBA. In one interview Ellis was asked who his game is most like in the NBA, and he responded by saying that he loved Allen Iverson but his game was exactly that…his game, a very Allen Iverson-esk quote. Ellis is talented, very charismatic and can usually be seen smiling with his teammates during a game. However, a recent event might have fans and teammates questioning the 24-year-old’s ability to lead.

Ellis recently had successful surgery on his ankle that will keep him out of action for at leat three months and might not be ready for the 2008 season opener. The source of Ellis’ injury has just recently surfaced, thanks to Ellis. Reportedly, Ellis’ ankle injury is a result of a moped accident the Warriors’ guard endured while hanging out with some friends at home, a story he kept from the team until after the surgery. Ellis originally told the team he sustained the injury while playing a pick-up basketball game. And why would he lie about that you might ask, because Ellis has a clause in his contract that prevents him from participating in any activities that could be detrimental to his health, including riding two-wheeled motorized vehicles. If you believe that a real leader leads by example, then Ellis is showing that breaking the rules and lying about it is an okay thing to do. But there is a silver lining in all this, and that is that Ellis eventually came clean about the incident to the team on his own accord.

Ellis is still young and a player who skipped college to go straight into the NBA. One can only imagine what going from high school, as a huge star athlete, and right into a seven figure contact will do to a persons ego and sense of perception. Even though it showed immaturity to break the rules and then lie about it, Ellis might of bridged some gaps of distrust with the Golden State organization by holding himself accountable for his actions…eventually. The Warriors still have to figure out how they will punish the player who has become the face of their franchise, and it will be interesting to see how the star guard will react to the punishment. Whether he takes his punishment like a man or like a child who still needs to mature, Ellis is the best bet this team has to an on court leader, and hopefully this whole ordeal will be a positive learning experience for the young star.


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Were you crushed by the poor overall performance of the USA baseball team in the Olympics this year? Well don’t worry, because I garuntee there will not be a repeat performance by the team in the 2012 London Olympics, I’m 100% sure of it!!!

In 2005 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted on weather baseball should be admitted in the 2012 Games. The news has only become highly publicized because of the Beiging Games, but by a vote of 46 to 42 the IOC decided to exclude baseball from the London Games. Also excluded from the London Games, by a vote of 47 to 43, was softball. Despite the similarity of the two sports, and the fact they are both out in 2012, the reasons for the two sports dismissal are quite different.

The main reason for baseball’s ousted,the IOC says, there is not proper representation of the worlds finest athletes in the Olympics. The main culprit for this…drum-roll…Major League Baseball (MLB)! The IOC claims that because the MLB has such a diverse group of of the sports talent, that the league should suspend play so the world can be better represented during the Olympics. The Japanese baseball league, also known as Nippon Professional Baseball, is already suspending its play for the Olympics so why not MLB??? I will tell you why…$$$, and who can blame them.

Remember the 2006 World Baseball Classic? Major League Baseball finally let its players participate in a international baseball tournament because the tourney took place just prior to its pre-season (the Baseball World Cup has been going on since 1938 and MLB players have never been permitted to play) . Do you remember what happen afterthat tourney? Major league players started the season on the disabled list. Pitchers came into camp with thrown-out arms and bum-shoulders, and some field players were already complaining of bumps and bruises. If I am a baseball owner and am spending $20 million dollars for a player like Alex Rodriguez, I want him playing FOR ME! And if he does get hurt it better be while busting his hide in winning my team win a championship!

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for representing your country and all, but if I have that much money invested in anything, I am going to protect my investment. You might be saying; “Well what about the NBA, they let their players play in the Olympics?” Well, their season is just concluding, the players bodies are already battle ready and if injured they have a lot of time to heal before the start of next season. An injured baseball player would have to go back to potential playoff race!!!

Softball was dismissed for a totally different reason then baseball. The IOC deemed that the rest of the world was not competitive enough with a select few countries, the USA being one of them. Softball has been a sport in the Olympics since the 1996 Atlanta Games and the United States and Australia have won a medal in every game since (USA has always won gold).

Even though the reasons for the veto of these sports seem legitimate, many reports suggest a European influence within the IOC might also be to blame. The two sport are primarilyplayed in the Americas and Asia and the two sports were invented in the USA.

Baseball was introduced in the 1984 Los Angeles Games and became a medaling event in 1992. The Beijing Games hosted 28 events and the London Games intended to do the same. Some of the events listed to fill-in are golf, karate, rugby, squash and roller sports (whatever those are).

Baseball and softball can be reinstated into the 2016 games and will be voted on by the IOC in 2009.


Dan’s take:

The NHL always allows for an Olympic Break and I think it’s a nice change of pace every four years. I will say that Hockey has a different talent pool than Baseball or Softball, but the players genuinely WANT to play for their countries.  I like the idea of the league itself giving the players the time to take part in some national pride.

While there’s no doubt the big business of baseball in the States controls this decision, I don’t think it’s that big a risk. The players could just as easily injure themselves in the ten games they’re playing on their respective MLB club.

Equally as frustrating is the lack of exposure baseball is getting at the games. I find it very hard to find a game to watch, and many times not at the time or place that NBC lists them. Softball is getting better props and getting live coverage everyday. San Francisco Giant Nate Schierholtz deserves more.


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College World Series: #1 and #2

Well, we finally made it to Omaha. And the Shocking appearance by Stanford and Fresno State will keep this double elimination dual-bracket eight team dogfight interesting.

Yesterday’s Games:

Game #1 Stanford vs. Florida State: With the Seminoles coming from behind twice in the same game, I thought certain they would prevail in the bottom of the Ninth. The move of future giant Buster Posey to pitcher in the 9th was a rough one. The Cardinal put up 11 runs in the top of the ninth, to solidify their presence in the Winners side of Bracket 1. It almost didn’t happen though. The ridiculous blunder of the first base umpire calling a chalk drenched base hit by Jason Castro foul almost nullified the rally. Castro did deliver anyway, but the foul ball would have scored two runs. Either way, Cardinal Advance to face the winner of…

Game #2  Miami  vs. Georgia: It should have been an easy one  for the Hurricanes, though this Bulldog team came powering out of the losers side of the Athens Bracket. They have shown no fear since. Ane they showed no fear in the ninth inning down 4-3. The Bulldogs capitalized on some Miami errors and had timely hitting putting together a four run rally and a nail in Game #2. The Bulldogs will see if they still have the magic against Stanford Monday.

Today’s Predictions:

Game #3 Fresno State vs. Rice: Call me a pessimist but i just don’t see it. While I love the WAC representation in the CWS, but the buck stops here. Rice easily wins it for Dad. Fresno State should be out of here by Tuesday.

Game #4 LSU  vs. UNC: Tough Draw for LSU, They’re going to lose… UNC! UNC!


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CWS: Day 5 – Supers 1 & 2

Bulldogs Fall, Cardinal Shocks… Day Two of the Super Regionals with some interesting results.

Fullerton Super: The Stanford Cardinal are moving on to Omaha.  The shock Cal State Fullerton in Game @ winning 8-5. Castro Valley High School’s Jason Castro hits a bases clearing double in the sixth to get that 8-5 lead they would never lose. The Titans are sent packing. Stanford is really surprising me… as i didn’t think they would make it out of their own regional bracket, let alone Fullerton’s Super.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Stanford   CASTRO: 3-4, 2B, 4 RBI, R, SB

Tempe Super: Game 1 of this regional really put Fresno State in its place. The Cinderella Team out of the WAC got swatted back to reality by the Sun Devil bats. A 5 run fifth and 4 run  eighth demolished the Bulldogs, who appear to be fading into the Arizona Sunset. Fresno State’s run ends today I fear.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: ASU  Sontag 2-4, 2 HR, 3 R, 4 RBI, BB

Athens Super: NC State is still alive. They defeated the #8 Nationally Ranked Georgia Bulldogs to force a Game Three today. I see Georgia as the winner in this three game set, but the boys from North Carolina are being a little pesky. The win featured a four run fourth seventh including an RBI double by Foschi. He’s our..

PLAYER OF THE GAME: NC ST  Foschi: 2-3, 2B, 2 RBI, SB

Cary Super: UNC is the obvious favorite here and no problem dispatching coastal carolina yesterday 9-4. Evenly Distributed Offense and solid pitching make the Tar Heels a difficult foe for CCU… It’s doubtful they will respond in anyway today.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: UNC  WIlliams 3-4, HR, 2 RBI, 2 R

Tallahassee Super: Florida State answers back and now it’s a toss up in Game 3. I knew this one would go the distance and Wichita State now must find a way to out hit the Seminole Bats. The 14- 4 win for Florida State featured huge offensive performances by Tapley, McGee and Posey. The Florida State Bats are going to take control and move on to Omaha.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Florida State   McGee: 3-4, HR, 3 RBI, 2 R, BB

Houston Super: Rice and A&M in an all Texas Super. This one could stay interesting into Monday. Rice takes Game 1, but only by 2-runs. A & M Attempted a comeback in the top of the ninth but was shutdown by Rice’s St. Clair who got the win. It will be interesting to see if A & M will respond and force a game three Monday. I’m not going to even try on this one.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Rice   Dodson 3-3, 2B, 4 RBI, 2 R, BB, SB

Baton Rouge Super: Uc Irvine make a case for itself in the Louisiana regional taking game one from the LSU Tiger 11-5. Irvine got hot in the back half of the game scoring 9 runs in 5,6,7,8… Irvine pitcher Gorgen pitched six strong innings allowing just one earned run. Anteater Bardeen hits a pinch hit homerun in the eighth inning to support the cause. LSU will bounce back today and force Game Three tomorrow night.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: UCI   Cusick 3-4, 2 2B, 2 RBI, R

Coral Gables Super: Miami Answering back after being beaten by Arizona in Game 1. This offensive battle featured 24 runs in a game that Arizona looked like they might win. They jumped out to an early lead putting up a four spot in the bottom of the first, then tying the game at seven in the fourth. Miami’s six-spot also in the fourth included a homerun each for Hagerty and Alonso.  And don’t think this game was close after that inning. Miami left 13 runners on Base in this Game. I’m not worried, They’ll advance as the #1 seed.  RF Draben drew six walks and 2 runs… Six walks…

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Miami    Sobolewski 3-6, HR,



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CWS: Day Three/Regional Review

Okay, The Super Regional Matchups are set: meaning sixteen teams are still alive in the Gran Daddy tournament.  Each four-team regional bracket produced one winner, and those winners will play a best of three series this weekend.

First break down the regionals, then look ahead to the Supers.

 Coral Gables Regional: Missouri didn’t get by Ole Miss as i had hoped, Miami handles the final with ease going undefeated in their regional bracket.

Ann Arbor Regional: Well there was no game seven, but this bracket featured another 1 vs 3 final, with UA advancing to the next round.

CORAL GABLES SUPER REGIONAL:  Arizona and Miami in a three game set, now. You can’t ignore the #1 seed in the country. Miami handled Ole Miss in the Regional Final, and the only handling Arizona did was against lowly Eastern Michigan on the first day of the Tournament. Miami wins this Super Regional in two games.

Raleigh Regional:I have just not been able to predict this bracket. James Madison fals to South Carolina, who in turn just barely loses to NC State. Only problem if see for NC ST in the Super regional is their lack of dominance. They didn’t blow anybody out.

Athens Regional: Georgia still on my mind…  Lipscomb lets me down, and somehow Georgia works all the way from the losers bracket to beat up on GTECH over Sunday and Monday. What a showing, their last three final scores?   14-3, 8-0, and 18-8. ]

ATHENS SUPER REGIONAL:  I would love to see NC STATE have some luck here and get through, but Georgia found their stride in the loser’s bracket of their own regional and i think they win it. They may lose a game, but the Bulldogs advance to the CWS.

Tallahassee Regional: That a rough finish for Tulane who looked as if they would advance to the Supers as a Three seed. But Florida State pulled a Georgia and just dominated their way out of the losers bracket.  Final Scores for their last three: 24-9, 17-8, 16-7. Look out for the #4 nationally seeded Seminoles… The bats are hot at the right time.

Stillwater Regional: Pat on the back for Daniel. Wichita State is the first non-#1 to advance to the Supers in the this recap.  And they had no problems doing it either. Wichita played the minimum. Three games.

TALLAHASSEE SUPER REGIONAL: This may be the best matchup in the Supers. I love Wichita State and their dominance out of the Still Water Bracket, But then again, how can you not acknowledge the powerhouse bats of Florida State. This will go the distance, and it’s too close to call. Going to be fun to watch though.

Cary Regional: One team. UNC… need i say more… again?

Conway Regional: I mean the boys from Coastal Carolina REALLY aren’t kidding around. They put together a massive run through their bracket, scoring 47 runs through 3 games. ECU didn’t even have a chance in the final dropping it 24-11.

CARY SUPER REGIONAL:This one will be interesting… will UNC be able to quiet the bats of Coastal? Will powerhouse North Carolina be able to weather the storm and return to the CWS? I think so. It will go three, but UNC advances.

Baton Rouge Regional: So Miss surprised be in Game Five but didn’t in the Finals. LSU easily handles the final game, putting up a third straight double-digit effort. Another #1 in the Supers.

Lincoln Regional: I called the Nebraska Upset, and the UC Irvine win in the finals. Oral roberts knocks out the 1 seed 8-0 and then loses to Irvine by the same score.  One Question, though, How does Irvine end up in  Nebraska?

BATON ROUGE SUPER REGIONAL: So this pits LSU and UC Irvine, kind of a random pairing if you think about LSUas a national powerhouse in many athletic areas and Irvine… Who… Well… isn’t all that famous for anything. BUT… They are together for 2 games, with LSU winning both and advancing to the College World Series.

Fullerton Regional: UCLA WAS CLOSE… but not close enough… A team they beat earlier in the weekend comes back to force a Game 7 and crush the Bruin dream. A 5-4 contest that was relatively even. Fullerton returns to the Supers, and will host a pretty easy matchup with…

Stanford Regional: I still fear how bad I am at this. Stanford proves me wrong. The Cardinal work from the losers bracket to destroy Pepperdine in Game six and then advance in Game Seven.  I just didn’t think they had it in them.

FULLERTON SUPER REGIONAL: Fullerton vs. Stanford. While I would love to keep the Bay Area Buzz going for this Cardinal Squad. I juts don’t see it. Cardinal may win the first game on emotion alone, but Fullerton will battle back (because they are #5 in the Nation) and advance to the CWS.

Tempe Regional: ASUnot only handled Oklahoma… they destroyed them in the final. 12-0 . Arizona State looks good going into the Supers… really good. They might have some trouble with a CWS Cinderella story.

Long Beach Regional: San Diego definitely made this bracket interesting, pushing our underdog fan-favorite to a deciding 7th game. The 4-seed Fresno State advances to the Super Regionals on a 5-1 win in Long Beach.

TEMPE SUPER REGIONAL:  Arizona State looks like the team here. They’ve got it all going for them heading into Friday’s Super. Only problem i see is a team filled with magical phrases like: Destiny, Hope, Miracle. The Cinderella Story ends in this Super as ASU beats them in three. I would love some WAC representation in the CWS though.

College Station Regional: It took a little more for A & M then I thought, but they get through almost blowing it to Houston.  They win 13-5 in the Final

Houston regional: Rice. Rice. Rice. Didn’t even need a Game 7.

HOUSTON SUPER REGIONAL:Well, Rice will get A&M and they will practically have three days of practice with the Aggies. I should say two days of Practice. Rice in the CWS here.  

ELIMINATED TEAMS: Bethune-Cookman, Charlotte, Mt. St. Mary’s, E. Michigan, Florida, Columbia, Texas South, W. Kentucky, Louisville, Rider, Stonybrook, Arkansas, California, Dallas Baptist, E. Illinios, Sam Houston, UNC-W, Elon, ECU, Alabama, Oral Roberts, Nebraska, So. Miss, New Orleans, Texas, St. Johns, Illinios-Chicago, Houston, Long Beach St., San Diego, Vanderbilt, Oklahoma, Missouri, Ole MIss, Michigan, Kentucky, James Madison, South Carolina, UCLA, Virginia, Pepperdine, UC Davis, TCU, Oklahoma State, Bucknell, Tulane.



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CWS: Day Two – Eliminations

Day Two of the College World Series sends sixteen teams packing, already being double eliminated.

Teams coming from the loser’s bracket will have a double-header today, and we could see some deciding games tomorrow night.

Let’s Recap Saturday:

Coral Gables Regional: Miami is cruising, they took out Mizzou. Ole Miss dispatches Bethune Cookman. Bethune Cookman is eliminated. MIzzou and Ole Miss tangle for a chance to play Miami tonight. I see and Missouri and Miami regional Final with Miami moving on tonight.

Ann Arbor Regional: Right on with my pick. East Michigan is gone after being beat bu Kentucky 4-3. Kentucky gets Michigan in Game Five, The Winner to play Arizona tonight. Watch for a Game 7 in this series tomorrow featuring Kentucky and Arizona.

Raleigh Regional: James Madison responded to my predictions from yesterday. They battled with Charlotte in the losing bracket squeaking out the win with an offensive battle 13-12. Each team had 16 hits in the game. BUT… Charlotte gets the plane tickets and not James Madison. I say they ride this emotional high over South Carolina and get to the final against NC STATE. Where they will lose… I think.

Athens Regional: Georgia still on my mind… Georgia will continue from the Loser’s bracket, though the bulldogs will face the team that pit them there in Lipscomb. Louisville loses a heartbreaker to Georgia almost rallying in the Bottom of the 9th. They’re gone. I say Lipscomb beats the bulldogs again to earn a date with GTECH.

Tallahassee Regional: Tulane is dominating this regional right now, but nationally ranked Flordia State may have some words for that. The Seminoles took care of their neighboring Gators 17-11 yesterday. Florida is eliminated. Florida State gets Bucknell, then Tulane on their way to a regional win.

Stillwater Regional: So Far I’m right. Wichita State looks the the best team without the best seed. TCU takes care of Western Kentucky who is eliminated. They’ll get Okie St. and will follow West Kentucky. OSU will have some trouble with Wichita tonight, I fear.

Cary Regional: What? Mt. St. Mary’s is gone? The team I pinned my entire CWS predictions on?  Right. Still one team. UNC. Where is Elon anyway?

Conway Regional:The boys from Coastal Carolina aren’t kidding around. They dispatch Bama who will get ECU after Columbia is eliminated from the Conway Bracket. I think East vs. Coast in the Regional Final.

Baton Rouge Regional: LSU does advance, blowing out So. Miss 13-4. New Orleans eliminated Texas South. So Miss will fall today for an all Louisiana Regional Final.

Fullerton Regional: UCLA WITH THE UPSET! and it wasn’t close. They take care of powerhouse Fullerton 11-4. CSU-F will have to tangle with Virginia today before getting back to the Bruins. I say we have a game tomorrow for the ticket to the Super regional. Rider eliminated.

Tempe Regional: ASU destroys Oklahoma. just destroys,. They get the afternoon off to wait for Oklahoma to take care of Vanderbilt. Poor Stonybrook is sent packing. ASU will handle Oklahoma again tonight to move on.

Stanford Regional: I still fear the Cardinal will not advance from this bracket…But they did extend their stay. They escape game 3 with a win over Arkansas 5-1. They will play UC-Davis today to meet Pepperdine tonight. I say Davis loses to Pepperdine in the Final.

Long Beach Regional: The Golden Bears are gone. They lose to Long Beach St. who is hanging on. WAC POWER! Fresno State moves on as the 4-seed in this bracket and will await the winner of LB ST. and San Diego.  I say Fresno State wins this regional tomorrow.

College Station Regional: Dallas Baptist is gone, I guess someone had to win. D-B lost its second straight by a 9-5 score.  Illinois-Chicago moves on to face Houston. Truthfully, I Still don’t have anything on this Bracket. A & M moves on…

Houston regional: Still on Track here… Rice  moves on and will get Texas tonight. The Longhorns should take care of St. Johns like Sam Houston yesterday.

Lincoln Regional: Oral Roberts will upset #1 Nebraska today who couldn’t beat UC-Irvine yesterday, Irvine will cause some problems for whoever wins that Game 5 (O.R). E. Illinois is eliminated.

32 more teams could be sent home today. Lots of Movement in the Sunday Edition of Regional Play.

ELIMINATED TEAMS: Bethune-Cookman, Charlotte, Mt. St. Mary’s, E. Michigan, Florida, Columbia, Texas South, W. Kentucky, Louisville, Rider, Stonybrook, Arkansas, California, Dallas Baptist, E. Illinios, Sam Houston


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CWS: Day One

We’re back at the Bullet! Don’t ask… just don’t.

We begin our coverage of the College World Series. One of my favorite tournaments in collegiate or professional sports. Talk about excitement… the 64 team tournament, that is entirely double elimination.

Let’s start at the Top:

Coral Gables Regional: Features the top seed in the nation #1 Miami. They easily dispatched Bethune-Cookman who should fall victim to Ole Miss today. Miami advances to face off against Missouri.

Ann Arbor Regional: This regional doesn’t show off a top eight team, but feature and interesting opening matchup between Michigan and Kentucky. Michigan did squeak by 7-5 yesterday. They’re in action against Arizona Today in the Winner’s side of things. Look for Eastern Michigan to get the boot today.

Raleigh Regional: NC State headlines this regional Bracket. They took care of James Madison yesterday. Looks like we’ll see NC State and So. Carolina at least twice in this bracket. J-Mad is likely eliminated today.

Athens Regional: Georgia on my mind… We’ve #8 Georgia and GTECH in this bracket as The Bulldogs hope to advance to Super Regionals painlessly. Problem is… Lipscomb. They handed Georgia their first loss yesterday and now UG must work from the Loser’s bracket. Bulldogs may have some problems with Louisville. #8 could be gone today.

Tallahassee Regional:  A Lot of Florida here as UF and Florida State hit the tourney in Tallahassee. Both the #1 and #2 seeds are upset in the first round, which forces one of the Florida teams out today. #4 Florida St. will hope to knock off the Gators to keep their CWS hopes alive.

Stillwater Regional: Okie St. headlines a bracket that boasts Wichita St. who could easily be the #1 seed in this bracket. These two teams will meet today in Game 4 of the bracket, and will see each other again in Game 6. I say Wichita State advances from this regional even if they lose to OSU today.

Cary Regional: One team. #2 UNC. That’s it.

Conway Regional: An interesting bracket that shows Coastal Carolina? A #1 seed over Alabama?  Coastal Carolina won 47 games this year. Here’s a nod and super regional enjoy your day.

Baton Rouge Regional: LSU! LSU! Are they just good in every sport? Man. LSU is the team to beat and the #7 national seed. Southern Mississippi might cause some problems today, but I say LA-STATE advances.

Fullerton Regional: Only problem for UCLA, who is gifted a two seed in this regional, is the name of the regional see above. They Play today. CSUF, no doubt.

Tempe Regional: #3 Arizona State is at home and ready to move on. I don’t see any trouble with Oklahoma or Vanderbilt. But you never know.

Stanford Regional: I fear the Cardinal will not advance from this bracket… Something about Pepperdine and their superior record hits home for me. Cardinal may be done today in fact.

Long Beach Regional: Long Beach State? #1? Well, maybe so, but I have to hold allegience to the WAC here. Fresno State has a pretty good squad. The don’t have to work from the loser’s bracket liek LBST. Cal is lingering here but i fear their tournament ends today.

College Station Regional: This is a bewildering bracket and Texas A & M will have to do. I don’t know about Dallas Baptist or Illinois-Chicago. (Neither has won yet though.)

Houston regional: Rice is #6 national seed and will get Texas in the Regional Final, even if they lost already to St. John’s. Can of Corn for Rice as they move on to a super regional.

Lincoln Regional: Speaking of Corn.. I love me some Cornhuskers here. Nebraska gets pesky UC-Irvine today. Oral Roberts has the best record in this regional bracket. Might They Upset?

That’s it for Friday. Today’s Games are under way… At least Sixteen teams are going home today! WIll a national seed be sent home early?



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