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Round Up: Sharks and Spartans, Oh My!

Well, after more hiatus from the bullet, I can think of no better time to return to the site than just one week before the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The countdown continues for San Jose as they handle the last few games of the regular campaign, They currently sit 6 points ahead of Detroit, but need just 5 points to clinch the top spot in the Western conference.

Interestingly, San Jose has rebounded from the February faltering that saw them have two dismal road trips and a tumultuous March that featured Team teal losing five of six and four in a row for the first time all year. Team teal is beat up and tired. I can’t remember the last game there wasn’t a laundry list of injuries.

San Jose has survived, though, and should enter the Western Conference playoff bracket with home ice advantage and the top dogs back in the lineup.

Whether or not they do clinch the presidents trophy remains to be seen, Boston has really come on of late, even though they seemed out of the race two weeks ago. JT’s former club has won six in a row heading into their final four games.

The matchup for the first round will likely not be set until the final day of the season, with as many as six teams possibly being paired with the Sharks. I know it never matters who you play when you get to the playoffs because it’s always a battle, but I would prefer not to face Anaheim or Edmonton in the first round.

I’m not sure why, but just a hunch or a bad feeling I guess.

In other news, The San Jose State Spartan Baseball has started off their season on the right foot. SJSU has rattled off a 20-7 record and are hanging with one of the toughest opponents in the WAC, #24 Hawaii.

The Spartans were actually ranked for part of the season and lost that accolade when they dropped two games to powerful Cal Poly. But the Spartans have a lot to live for this season. They’ve jumped out to a good start they may be looking at trying to crack the 64-team college world series tournament for the first time since the year 2000.

San Jose State will have some tough tasks along the way. They will play New Mexico State on the road, the Aggie have only dropped 4 games all year, but haven’t really played anybody. And they will have to look at defending national champion Fresno State.

But it’s a nice change for the university who has little to be excited about athletically this year. Hopefully, San Jose State can crack the tournament and give alumni something to build on in support of the athletic department.


San Jose State’s football Schedule has been released, and the Spartans could put themselves in an 0-3 hole to start the year. The first three games: at USC, vs Utah, and at Stanford.

San Jose State’s girls water polo team is ranked #6 in the nation. I guess the athletic does have something to get excited about.



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San Jose State Football: A National Effort

It was supposed to be big for SJSU. It was supposed to reinstate the program. It was supposed to the biggest win in State football history. Friday Night’s 33-16 loss to #12 Boise State at Spartan Stadium was none of those things.

It was a tough loss on a night where the hype and excitement for SJSU football was overflowing. It was a tough night for Junior QB Kyle Reed, who is seemingly losing touch under center. And mostly, it was a tough night for Spartan Fans who really thought this year was it.

Don’t get me wrong, the bowl hopes are still alive and well. (in fact, seems pretty likely). But on the National Stage and a chance to show the country who SJSU is, the Spartans couldn’t prevail.

The Effort was there, though. The Spartans trailed by as few as 7 points late in the fourth. The Spartan’s Defense was the redeeming factor on this night, holding the Spartans in the game all night. The Spartan Offense was awful, they didn’t record a first down until late in the second quarter. State when 3-13 on third down conversions in the game.

A pretty dismal performance from a team that was supposed to make a statement against the Broncos.

Sort of Tomey-esque, the Spartan Defense glimmered on National Display. They are the only reason the Spartans were in this game, and the only effort worth acknowledging on a national level.


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The BIG Game

#16 Hawaii will pompously strut into Spartan Stadium on Friday night looking to stay unbeaten. In the Western Athletic Conference, The Spartans and #16 Hawaii are knotted atop the standings(though one is 3-3, the other 6-0)

Does this make for a big game? Sure.

Does it mean that it will be a big game? Probably Not.

 This is the type of game however that can breathe life into a fledgling program like San Jose State. A win here would put them on the map and equate them, in some ways, to the Boise States and South Florida, and most recently Stanford

Let’s face it… Tomey’s boys haven’t shown us anything and the reigning New Mexico Bowl champs have given us little reason to believe. This Nationally televised match-up from the clunker of a venue that is spartan stadium is still a chance to make a name for San Jose State.

The Spartans will just have to be prepared and keep the game close and hope to be there in the end.

Colt Brennan, Hawaii’s number one stud of a son, will be under center at the beginning of the game, so reports the Associated Press. But his presence doesn’t make a difference to the Spartan Coaching staff who insist that defending the system is the key to beating this team.

My thoughts are discouraging as I don’t feel the Spartans are the same team from last season and haven’t been able to re-instill confidence in me.

Hawaii may win this one in a rout. But just think what would happen if they didn’t?

The Spartans might get a national nod.

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In what was supposed to  be a another year of building for the now rejuvinated San Jose State football program has taken a sloppy start. Tomey’s boys did not fare well against the heavily favored Pac-10 opponent Arizona State.  The Sun Devils ran the ball down the Spartans throat, scoring three times on the ground and putting SJSU away before the end of the first half.

The Box Score doesn’t say a whole lot. Our leading rusher was Trafalis (QB) with 19 yards. yes! Our punter Prather booted one 62 yards. oh Boy! It’s not the way we would hoped to begin this campaign.

Unfortunately, there is nothing to take away from this contest. Sure, It’s the first game of the season, and Dick Tomey’s squad is shaking off the cobwebs… It just doesn’t feel like the New Mexico Bowl champions we saw last season. The team that upset Stanford (well, who couldn’t), who put Washington on the brink, and changed their image and position in the Western Athletic Conference.

This is not that team.

Coach Tomey has some work to do…

Spartans fall 45-3.

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Spartans watch season end.

The San Jose State Spartans watched their last strike go over the plate, ending their season and their chances in the WAC championship tournament. After strong arming LA-TECH in the opening round, then advancing over the Nevada Wolfpack to the quarters, top-seeded Fresno State stood up and swatted the Spartans back to reality.

In the night side of the Sparto double-day, the Spartans were reunited with the host squad Nevada Wolfpack. Talk about an exciting contest. The Spartans took control early in the second inning by putting up a quick three against the Wolfpack. Nevada would charge back putting up a monster 6 in the bottom half and chasing starter Brandon Hennessy. The Spartans would put up back-to-back homers to tie the score just a half inning later. Spartan Seniors

With the score 6-6 and only the middle of the third, it looked like we had a barnburner on tap. The dramatics would mellow for now. Loren Moneypenny, on one day’s rest, came in and held solid long relief only allowing two runs. The Spartan bats were quieted by Mario Rivera of Nevada who would go on to pitch six solid innings in relief of already gone Nevada starter Colton.

Unfortunately the Spartans ran out of time, and kept watching their oppurtunities fizzle  by. The Spartans came to bat in the top of the ninth down four runs. After a quick out, Ryan Angel and Kyle Bellows hit back-to-backs, again and closed the margin to two. DH Massmun doubled and the Spartans needed a big play to bring home the tying run that was coming to the plate.  With a full count, Greg Fyfe watched strike three from Wolfpack’s Matt Renfree. The last batter in Karson Klauer came to the plate. With the count two and two, Karson laid off and watched the Spartan season come to an end.

In this tournament, though, the Spartans showed, like they have in many sports this year, that they are still a team to consider. SJSU made the final three in the tournament and were just a few strikeouts going the other way from the Championship matchup. BUT, they fell to the Nevada Wolfpack 11-9 and will have to wait another year to make their mark in the WAC.

Fyfe and Klauer watched the third strike go by representing the tying run and the extension of the Spartan season. They were the only players to go down looking for the Spartans all game. The Spartan will continue to watch from the stands, knowing their season and hopes of the College World Series are gone.

Ultimately, They just watched their chance go by.       Strike Three.

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Spartans get booted.

Dick TomeyAfter much anticipation and excitement about the upcoming football matchup between SJSU/#14 Boise St., ESPN has pulled the plug.  Speculation about another game coverage and a conflict between the network and the WAC was the reason for the cancellation. This comes after just a week of build-up and rescheduling to accommodate the night game at Spartan Stadium. The Spartans will face the nationally ranked Boise State Broncos at 3:00pm, the normal start time for State games. The game was scheduled to air at 7:15pm on ESPN2.

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They never said it couldn’t be done. They never said there was no chance. No one gave up. The Spartans pulled it off. Coming off the five-point loss to Washington in week one, the Spartans were prepared to take on Bay Area rival Stanford. There is nothing sweeter in my mind than the red-headed step child of Bay Area College Football knocking off the pride and joy.

Final: Spartans 35, Cardinal 34

Trent Edwards, starting QB for Stanford, had a dominating day going 18-28 for 233 yards and 4 TDs. Evan Moore, WR, caught only four balls, but for 82 yards and 2 scores. In the second quarter, Stanford led 27-7.

But it wasn’t enough…. the Spartans would not be denied.


 The Spartans just kept chugging, sweating, and playing. They took advantage of fumbles and turnovers and the defense played well. But that wasn’t it… What made it happen?

Could it have been the Spartans 25 first downs? The 342 rushing yards? 184 of them coming from Yonus Davis alone?

Nope. It’s Dick Tomey. The coach is molding a team. The coach is making it happen.



Okay, Dick. After two weeks you’ve got us believing.

Let’s see what your boys can do.

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The Spartans drop to 0-1

The San Jose State Spartans took their first loss of the season yesterday, but not after making a statement versus Pac-10 giant University of Washington Huskies. The Spartans were never out of this game as Adam Tafralis went 28 for 35 with almost 300 yards passing, likely his best performance of his college career.

Now, i have long been a SJSU football fan, but is there something brewing here? A nail biter against a Pac 10 team. For big-time division schools, game 1 of the college season is sometimes seen as a warm-up. National Champion Texas taking on wee Northern Texas and blowing them out cold is a good example of this. But when the Spartans take UW down to the final minutes, putting the pressure on the home team with just over two minutes left, doesn’t that seem out of place for our lowly San Jose St. team?

It sucks to lose, but dropping the first game against a major division school by only five points is fine with me, and should be look on as a great warm up for a WAC season.

Dick Tomey, I salute you! Let’s see these Spartans break the top three in the WAC!

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