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2010 Winter Olympic TV Schedule UPDATE


NBC has decided to right their wrongs (though a little bit late), by airing the USA vs. Finland Semifinal on Friday LIVE on all coasts. I do feel bad for already taped TV Hosts, Bonnie Hunt and Ellen, who will be pushed back to their normal time slots for the day here in the Bay Area.

Even though we will now see it live, the tables have suddenly turned on the USA. When it looked at one time the US had the easier road to the Gold Medal Game, now it looks the uprising Canadians will coast into the Final.

Slovakia upset Sweden late last night… and that means Canada will face a 7-seed Slovak team, and the US will face the 4-seed Finland squad.

Either way, The USA will have a tough time winning gold in these Olympics. The Canadian team is too strong right now, and it will take a work of art to knock these guys off their game now.

Ultimately, though, this country should be proud of a Silver effort, when no one thought they make the medal round anyway.


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2010 Winter Olympic TV Schedule (Bay Area by sport)

With the excitement of the Olympics, comes the confusion of how we are to watch them here on the west coast. The Olympic planners have once again catered to the needs of the East Coast, even though the games are being played on the West. Live events that are played a 5 PM local time, will be played in tape delay at 8PM. The east coast gets it LIVE.

Either way, I always have trouble trying to decipher the TV schedule, so I spend some time sifting through it, to find when the really important stuff is on. As with the 2008 Summer Olympics, things will change as we go along, so I will try to keep it updated.

Mostly, I will focus on USA team sports (with Canada included for Hockey) with some highlighted individual events. Some networks will actually air items live and I will try to designate those here as well. Hopefully, this helps your Olympic games watching experience.

So this is for all of us on the Left Coast! To get this schedule by Day… CLICK HERE

Networks: NBC11, USA, CNBC, MSNBC  (All Times Pacific; TD = Tape Delay)



Tues 2/16         vs. Switzerland 12:00pm   TV: USA (LIVE)

Thurs 2/18        vs. Norway 12:00pm   TV: USA (LIVE)

Sun 2/21          vs. Canada   4:45pm     TV:  MSNBC (LIVE)

Canada Men

Tues 2/16         vs. Norway 4:30pm TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Thurs 2/18       vs. Switzerland 4:30pm   TV:  CNBC (LIVE)

Sun 2/21          vs. USA  4:45   TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Elimination Round

Tues 2/23         USA vs.  TBA, if needed   12:00pm   TV: USA (LIVE)

Canada vs. TBA, if needed   4:30pm    TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Quarterfinals (if teams qualify)

Wed 2/24         USA vs. TBA 12:00pm   TV: NBC (TD, will air at 3:00pm)

Canada vs. TBA  4:30pm    TV: CNBC (LIVE)


Fri 2/26            USA vs. TBA 12:00pm   TV: NBC (TD, will air at 3:00pm)

Canada vs. TBA  6:30    TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Medal Round

Sat 2/27           Bronze Medal   Game 7:00pm   TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Sun 2/28          Gold Medal Game 12:15pm       TV: NBC (TD, airs at 3:15; there is no reason to believe they will change this to LIVE)

USA Women

Sun 2/14          vs. China  12:00pm       TV: USA (LIVE) (replay at midnight MSNBC)

Tues 2/16         vs Russia  2:30pm    TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Thurs 2/18       vs. Finland 2:30pm   TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Medal Round

Mon 2/22         Women’s Semifinal 12:00pm    TV: USA(LIVE)

Women’s Semifinal  5:00pm   TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Thurs 2/25        Women’s Bronze 11am    TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Women’s Gold  3:30pm   TV:  MSNBC (LIVE)

Team USA Curling:

Tues. 2/16:      Men vs Germany  9:00am    TV: USA (LIVE)

Women vs. Japan 2:00pm     TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Men vs Norway 7:00 pm    TV: CNBC; 7:00pm-2:00pm (TD)

Wed. 2/17:       Women vs. Germany 9:00am  TV: USA (LIVE)

Men vs. Switzerland  2:00pm  TV CNBC (LIVE)

Thurs. 2/18:     Men vs. Denmark    9:00am    TV: USA (LIVE)

Women vs. Denmark   2:00pm   TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Fri. 2/19           Women vs. Russia  9:00am   TV: USA (LIVE)

Men vs. France 2:00pm    TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Sat 2/20           Men vs. Sweden  9:00am    TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Women vs Great Britain 2:00pm    TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Sun 2/21          Women vs. Canada 9:00am    TV: MSNBC (LIVE)

Men vs. Great Britain 2:00pm   TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Women vs. Sweden 7:00pm    TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Mon. 2/22        Men vs Canada 9:00am  TV: USA (LIVE)

Men vs. China   7:00pm   TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Tue 2/23          Women vs. China   9:00am   TV: USA (LIVE)

Women vs. Switzerland 7:00 pm   TV: MSNBC (LIVE)


Thurs 2/25        Women’s Semifinals 9:00am TV: USA (LIVE)

Men’s Semifinals 2:00pm   TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Fri 2/26            Women’s Bronze  9:00am   TV: USA (LIVE)

Women’s Gold   3:00pm TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Sat 2/27           Men’s Bronze  9:00 am   TV: USA (LIVE)

Men’s Gold    3:00pm     TV: CNBC (LIVE)

Figure Skating: (not one live event for the west coast here.)

Sun 2/14          Pairs—Short Program 4:30pm  TV: NBC (TD, actual air 7:30pm)

Mon 2/15         Pairs—Free Skate and Medals 5:00pm     TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Tues 2/16         Men—Short Program 4:15pm    TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Thurs 2/18       Men—Free Skate and Medals 5:00pm   TV NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Friday 2/19      Ice Dance Session 1 4:45pm   TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Sunday 2/21     Ice Dance Session 2  4:15pm   TV: NBC (TD, airs 7:15 pm)

Monday 2/22   Ice Dance Ses 3 and Medals 4:45pm   TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Tues 2/23        Women—Short Program  4:30   TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Thurs 2/25        Women—Free Skate and Medals 5:00pm  TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Sat 2/27           Exhibition Gala    4:30pm   TV: NBC (TD, airs 8:00pm)

Most of the other events you can find on NBC throughout the day, but remember anything on NBC is likely three hours after the event occurred.



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2010 Winter Olympic TV Schedule (Bay Area by Day)

2010 Olympic TV Schedule by day
(Tape delayed events for West Coast listed at delayed airtime)


note: these are for TEAM USA only (except for Men’s Ice Hockey, where I have included Canada)

Friday February 12
7:30pm – NBC – Opening Ceremony

Sunday February 14
12:00pm – USA – Women’s Hockey vs. China
7:30pm – NBC – Figure Skate: Pairs Short Program

Monday February 15
8:00pm –  NBC – Figure Skating: Pairs Free Skate and Medals

Tuesday February 16
9:00am – USA – Men’s Curling vs. Germany
12:00pm – USA – Men’s Hockey vs. Switzerland
2:00pm – CNBC – Women’s Curling vs. Japan
2:30pm – MSNBC – Women’s Hockey vs. Russia
4:30pm – CNBC – CAN Men’s Hockey vs. Norway
8:00pm – NBC – Figure Skating: Men’s Short Program
9:30pm-2am – CNBC-  Men’s Curling vs Norway (TD)

Wednesday February 17
9:00am – USA – Women’s Curling vs. Germany
2:00pm – CNBC – Men’s Curling vs. Switzerland

Thursday February 18
9:00am – USA – Men’s Curling vs. Denmark
12:00pm – USA-  Men’s Hockey vs. Norway
2:00pm – CNBC-  Women’s Curling vs. Denmark
2:30pm – MSNBC – Women’s Hockey vs. Finland
4:30pm – CNBC – CAN Men’s Hockey vs. Switzerland
8:00pm – NBC – Figure Skating: Men’s Free Skate and Medals

Friday February 19
9:00am – USA – Women’s Curling vs. Russia
2:00pm – CNBC – Men’s Curling vs. France
8:00pm – NBC – Figure Skate: Ice Dance Session 1

Saturday February 20
9:00am – MSNBC – Men’s Curling vs. Sweden
2:00pm – CNBC – Women’s Curling vs. Great Britain

Sunday February 21
9:00am – MSNBC – Women’s Curling vs. Canada
2:00pm  – CNBC – Men’s Curling vs. Great Britain
4:45pm – MSNBC – Men’s Hockey vs. CAN Men’s Hockey
7:00pm – CNBC –  Women’s Curling vs. Sweden
7:15pm – NBC – Figure Skate: Ice Dance Session 2

Monday February 22
9:00am – USA – Men’s Curling vs. Canada
12:00pm – USA –  Women’s Hockey vs. TBA (Semifinal)
7:00pm – CNBC – Men’s Curling vs. China
8:00pm – NBC –  Figure Skate: Ice Dance Session 3 and Medals

Tuesday February 23
9:00am  – USA – Women’s Curling vs. China
12:00pm – USA –  USA Men’s Elimination Round Game (if needed)
4:30pm  – CNBC –  CAN Men’s Elimination Round Game(if needed)
7:00pm – MSNBC – Women’s Curling vs. Switzerland
8:00pm – NBC – Figure Skate: Women’s Short Program

Wednesday February 24
3:00pm – NBC – USA Men’s Hockey Quarterfinal
4:30pm  – CNBC – CAN Men’s Hockey Quarterfinal

Thursday Februry 25
9:00am – USA – Women’s Curling Quarterfinals
11:00am  – MSNBC – Women’s Hockey Bronze
2:00pm – CNBC – Men’s Curling Quarterfinals
3:30pm – MSNBC – Women’s Hockey Gold
8:00pm – NBC – Figure Skate: Women’s Free Skate and Medals

Friday February 26
9:00am – USA – Women’s Curling Bronze
3:00pm – NBC – USA Men’s Hockey Semifinal (if still alive)
3:00pm – CNBC – Women’s Curling Gold
6:30pm – CNBC – CAN Men’s Hockey Semifinal (if still alive)

Saturday February 27
9:00am – USA – Men’s Curling Bronze
3:00pm – CNBC – Men’s Curling Gold
7:00pm – MSNBC – Men’s Hockey Bronze
8:00pm – NBC – Figure Skate: Champions Gala

Sunday February 28
3:15pm – NBC – Men’s Hockey Gold
(could be LIVE at 12:15, but no sign of that yet)
7:00pm – NBC – Closing Ceremony

Hope this is Helpful for some of the sports.  TD = Tape Delay


For a listing of this schedule by sport, CLICK HERE


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Checking in with Torrey Mitchell

Time to check into Sharks Training Camp…

Big thanks to Amy Calderone and the Sharks for allowing me to try video on this site.

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Nothing to believe in…

It’s on a morning like this we ask ourselves why we put in our time for seven months: Sweating out the losing streaks, and gleefully riding the winning streaks. We wonder why we cared so much when Nabby tweaked his groin and was on the sideline for several games. We think about Torrey Mitchell and how we just kept hearing it would be a few more weeks, and how we thought it might make a difference. We yearned to have home ice advantage over the Red Wings in that almost guaranteed chance we would meet in the postseason. We pined for Roenick, and Lemieux, and Blake, and hoped this was their time, with our team.

And then there was nothing. After all the energy and commitment and dollars spent at HP, we still have nothing. We have an extra long summer to wait…

But, the real question is, What do we wait for? Can we really say we are excited about another season of Sharks Hockey? Do we dare toil through the 82-game schedule again, just to be let down early in the chase? Can we really believe in Thornton, Marleau, and Nabokov, and hope that next year they will take us to the promised land?

We can’t and We shouldn’t. This coming from a fan who desperately held on in the shitty days of sharks hockey: a time when ugly goals were all the team could score. The desperate teams from the mid-late 90s who sometimes made the playoffs but probably never deserved to be there and were subsequently eliminated early on.

I can’t believe anymore… and here’s why…

It was the last Saturday of the regular season, The Sharks had just completed a dismal finish to their season by losing to the lowly Kings of Los Angeles. I frantically refreshed the Internet browser on my phone as the Phoenix Coyotes and the Anaheim Ducks played Game 82 against each other. Before this game began, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem for the Ducks to beat the Coyotes in regulation, I was preparing myself for what could have been a favorable first round match-up with Columbus or St. Louis.

With two weeks left in the regular season, I declared boldly that I didn’t care who we got in the first round, just as long as it wasn’t Edmonton or Anaheim.

So I was watching my phone and to my surprise the Phoenix Coyotes were playing tough: Up 1-0 after the first, and then 4-2 after the second. I began to prepare myself for what I wanted least for the President’s Trophy Winners… a first round match-up with Anaheim.  Then in the third period of that game, The ducks made me see two things: First, that they could score when they had to… (and they did twice to tie the game) and that I was rooting for a team that I despised. The Ducks tied the game, scoring two goals 45 seconds apart. The game goes to overtime. I desperately needed them to get that extra point that would have catapulted them to sixth in the standings. No score in OT. A Shootout. Phoenix’s Viktor Tikhonov scored the game winner in the shootout guaranteeing our fate. A 20-year-old Russian winger playing for a team that had little to play for, changed it all in a game that seemed to mean nothing to anyone.

Meanwhile, Sharks fans were looking the other way… they were throwing high fives as the Sharks clinched their first President’s trophy in the franchise’s history. Who cares if we lose two in a row on the way in? We’re the best team in the league! We’ve got home ice over Detroit.

And I was constantly refreshing my phone to see if we were going to have it easy or hard in the first step towards the cup. We got it hard. In all honestly, though, there is no guarantee that the Sharks would have had it easy against Columbus or St. Louis. But the Ducks (who were sellers at the deadline I might add, we bought some…) were one of the hottest teams in the league. Anaheim won 11 of 15 down the stretch to get into the playoffs when everything in Late February pointed towards early tee times. The Ducks four losses down the stretch included non playoff teams Edmonton, Phoenix( in that shootout), and two losses to San Jose.

Scarily enough, if the Sharks had lost one more time to the Ducks during that time, we may we waiting on Chicago in the second round.

But, as Tikhonov and the Coyotes celebrated that day, I realized this wasn’t going to be easy. I realized that we were in for a tough series and that’s not a sentiment that should follow the NHL’s best team. Especially, not in the first round. To have fans hoping for an easy first and second round match-up so they might make it to the conference finals is just silly, and certainly not happening in Detroit or Boston.

Sure, maybe I’m in the minority, and there were other more confidant fans than I. But after years of not being able to crack the final four (or final two), How can we be confident anymore? How can we justify watching this team through the regular season?

More importantly, How can a Russian Rookie playing in Arizona seem to make such a difference to what we thought was such a magical season?

Because time and time again, the San Jose Sharks have let us down… and there seems to be nothing left to believe in.

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Round Up: Sharks and Spartans, Oh My!

Well, after more hiatus from the bullet, I can think of no better time to return to the site than just one week before the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The countdown continues for San Jose as they handle the last few games of the regular campaign, They currently sit 6 points ahead of Detroit, but need just 5 points to clinch the top spot in the Western conference.

Interestingly, San Jose has rebounded from the February faltering that saw them have two dismal road trips and a tumultuous March that featured Team teal losing five of six and four in a row for the first time all year. Team teal is beat up and tired. I can’t remember the last game there wasn’t a laundry list of injuries.

San Jose has survived, though, and should enter the Western Conference playoff bracket with home ice advantage and the top dogs back in the lineup.

Whether or not they do clinch the presidents trophy remains to be seen, Boston has really come on of late, even though they seemed out of the race two weeks ago. JT’s former club has won six in a row heading into their final four games.

The matchup for the first round will likely not be set until the final day of the season, with as many as six teams possibly being paired with the Sharks. I know it never matters who you play when you get to the playoffs because it’s always a battle, but I would prefer not to face Anaheim or Edmonton in the first round.

I’m not sure why, but just a hunch or a bad feeling I guess.

In other news, The San Jose State Spartan Baseball has started off their season on the right foot. SJSU has rattled off a 20-7 record and are hanging with one of the toughest opponents in the WAC, #24 Hawaii.

The Spartans were actually ranked for part of the season and lost that accolade when they dropped two games to powerful Cal Poly. But the Spartans have a lot to live for this season. They’ve jumped out to a good start they may be looking at trying to crack the 64-team college world series tournament for the first time since the year 2000.

San Jose State will have some tough tasks along the way. They will play New Mexico State on the road, the Aggie have only dropped 4 games all year, but haven’t really played anybody. And they will have to look at defending national champion Fresno State.

But it’s a nice change for the university who has little to be excited about athletically this year. Hopefully, San Jose State can crack the tournament and give alumni something to build on in support of the athletic department.


San Jose State’s football Schedule has been released, and the Spartans could put themselves in an 0-3 hole to start the year. The first three games: at USC, vs Utah, and at Stanford.

San Jose State’s girls water polo team is ranked #6 in the nation. I guess the athletic does have something to get excited about.


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San Jose Sharks: Magic Number Countdown (35, 49)

While the magic number for NHL History seems to be falling farther and farther from reality for San Jose, The Pacific Division crown seems inevitable for Team Teal. The recent string of overtime losses is a difficult stretch for San Jose, as they feel defeat four out of five games. But the Sharks haven’t necessarily deserved the win in those games, in some cases they didn’t even deserve a point, but third period heroics have garnered points in every game of the road trip.

That means the Sharks have earned 5 out of 8 points so far on the trip, and should they win against the Devils, 7 out of 10 points on the road seems like a fantastic number. Let’s check out the countdown:

Pacific Division Crown: 35 points over the Dallas Stars

Phoenix has seemingly dropped out of contention for second in the Pacific Division, and while Anaheim is tied with Dallas in the standings, the Stars have a few games in hand. So, as we suspected here at the Bullet the Dallas Stars creep back into the playoff picture and Sharks fans have to shudder.

San Jose currently holds a 22-point lead over second place Dallas, Anaheim with 29 games to play. The Sharks need to win just 18 games to secure the division crown.

Playoff Magic Number: 31 points.

The Quest for 132: 49 points

The journey towards history has hit several speed bumps through this recent trip and it appears the Sharks will really have to work to be in the mix for the presidents trophy. San Jose currently has 83 points. They need to win 25 of their remaining 29 games to make history.

They’re currently two points back of Boston for the league’s best record, and two points ahead of Detroit in the West.

The Sharks are currently on pace to finish the season with 128 points.

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San Jose Sharks: Magic Number Countdown (45, 56)

The San Jose Sharks came out of the break in the same fashion they went in… winning. San Jose has rolled off five in a row and are looking to keep adding to that point total. Evgeni Nabokov is silencing the critics (and those who left him out of the all-star game), with a franchise-record shutout streak.

The Sharks are still on pace to break history in the NHL. Let’s look at the numbers right now.

Pacific Division: 45 points over the Dallas Stars.

This may seem weird considering the Stars are two points out of the top spot in the division, but they have 3 or 4 games in hand on Anaheim and Phoenix. This gives them an edge in division play. It doesn’t appear any team will contend with the Sharks for their second consecutive division crown. They maintain a 24 point lead over the second place teams. The Sharks need to win 23 of their 35 games to clinch the Pacific Division.

Playoff Magic Number: 41 points.

NHL HISTORY: The pursuit of 132:    56 points.

The Sharks have made a strong case for their push towards history, although Boston is still nipping at the heels. The Sharks do hold 2 games in hand over the Bruins who trail by just one point in the chase for the Presidents cup. San Jose has stormed out to an eight point lead in the conference over Detroit.

The Sharks need to win 28 of their remaining 35 games to break history.


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San Jose Sharks: Magic Number Countdown (57, 63)

A dominating win for San Jose last night, a 7-1 final against the lowly Tampa Bay Lightning. The Sharks now have 69 points on the season, a total they didn’t reach until Feb 9th last season. Almost a month a head of last years 108 total point total. The Sharks may be looking ahead at the next three games at the tank, a stretch of games that will take Team teal to the all-star break.

First, Calgary visiting HP pavilion on Thursday. the Flames will enter the tank 3rd in the Western Conference, with a steady lead in the Northwest Division. The Sharks will be looking to avenge 5-2 loss in Alberta last week .

Then, Detroit comes to San Jose boasting the league’s third best record. The Sharks got embarrassed the last time they stopped in Detroit. The Red Wings slaughtered the NHL’s best team 6-0.

The final game against Vancouver next week doesn’t pose as much of a problem as the previous two, but there’s a good chance, The Sharks will need the two days off after Detroit to recoup, and Vancouver will be looking to get even after a 4-2 loss in British Columbia last Saturday.

Pacific Division: 57 points over Anaheim

The countdown continues to the Pacific Division Crown. With last night’s win over Tampa Bay, The Sharks now have a 20 point lead over second place Anaheim. The Sharks currently hold two games in hand as well.  Phoenix trails Anaheim by two points in the Pacific division.

The Sharks magic number to clinch a Western Conference Playoff spot is 56 points.

NHL HISTORY: 63 points

The Sharks pursuit of the NHL’s all-time best record in a season now sits at 69 points, 63 shy of the 76-77 Montreal Canadiens. San Jose currently sits still just one point above Boston in the Overall league standings and the elusive president’s trophy. The Sharks now need to win 32 games in 40 remaining tries to break a 32-year old record.

The San Jose Sharks will have their hands full this week with Calgary, Detroit and Vancouver, but will look to make it to the break still lossless in regulation this season.

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San Jose Sharks: Magic Number Countdown (59, 65)

The San Jose Sharks managed to pull out a winning road trip on their three game Canadian Tour. The Sharks win over Vancouver last night pushed the Sharks point total to 67 on the season.

Pacific Division Title: 59 points over Anaheim/Phoenix

Anaheim was idle yesterday, but the Coyotes picked up 2 points with a win. Those two teams are tied with 47 points on the season now. San Jose’s 4-2 win over Vancouver makes the magic number for the division and the playoffs 59 points.

The Sharks will return home (where they have not lost in regulation) for a four game stand, heading into the All-Star Break.

Phoenix stands at a tie 2nd in the Pacific with 47 points. The Coyotes will travel to San Jose on January 29th.

NHL  HISTORY: 65 Points

The Sharks win in British Columbia pushes them up to 67 points for the season, still one ahead of East power Boston. San Jose The Sharks pursuit of the Western Conference #1 seed is still heated. Detroit has been hanging in there, trailing by just four points.

In the Pursuit of History, 132 points in a season, the Sharks are now 65 points away, 33 wins in 41 tries. The Sharks are now projected to finish the season with 134 points.


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